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Home Artists Magicians Female Magician and Mentalist Ref: FMG1113

Female Magician and Mentalist Ref: FMG1113 Featured

This magician and mentalist is a unique find and has made a real splash in the world of magic and entertainment. She is the first woman magician to gain her own prime-time show in the UK and is a marvel of modern magic-making. Unanimously accepted into that ever-mysterious, mostly-male institution, The Magic Circle, she is a true modern – a strong woman creating her own style of contemporary magic and mentalism. A regular on television, she also appears by commission at a wide range of social, commercial, fashion and artistic events, always leaving a trail of wonder and happy bewilderment in her wake.

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Her diverse and up to date style combined with her sleight of hand dexterity is guaranteed to conjour up an air of elegance and wonder at any event.  From Trade shows, corporate events, parties to weddings her light hearted and friendly manner can be relied upon to create fun and make her popular with all age groups.

Corporate: This magician is an expert at psychological magic and close-up trickery, the kind that gets an event buzzing. And it’s the strangest thing, but when objects suddenly appear or disappear, people become animated. This is wonder at any scale, and she crafts shows that are as expansive as a keynote or as contained as a goldfish emerging from the Marketing Director’s ear.

No Myers-Briggs prepares your people for this. Her mentalist set brings people out of themselves and into focus with each other. It’s a psychological high-wire act that kick-starts your event with artful panache.

She can craft sets precisely aligned to your event, whether it’s a launch, AGM or fashion show, she’s made marvels at them all.

Private Parties: Her magic scales from close-up marvels to full-on party spectaculars, always styled to your precise needs. Whether it’s mentalist trickery with a Victorian stage pedigree or the latest in close-quarters sleight-of-hand, she fills the room with breathless, 'but how is that possible?' faces. Her extensive repertoire  along with her versatility  and relaxed style, make her the perfect choice for any occasion. From clever card tricks to making rings vanish in flames of fire, her visual eye popping magic can cut across the bustle of a noisy club and even transcends language barriers making her magic ideal for: Barmitzvahs; Batmitzvahs; Stag and Hen parties; fancy dress parties; anniversaries; prom nights; birthdays; halloween and many more.

Close-Up Magic: This magician and mentalist is a seasoned professional at the many different flavours of close-up magic. Somehow it suits the times: it’s informal, intimate, and a hundred times more impressive than anything you’ve seen at a distance on TV. Your eyes and brain and reason get all bent out of shape as objects, notes, cards and bottles obey only her commands. Re-encounter childlike wonder, it will stay with you all night - and beyond.

Her close-magic sets are perfect for intimate settings and smaller gatherings. Her mentalist and psychological magic has even more power when she performs tricks at these closer quarters too.

Mind Magic: Her degree level study in Sociology and Psychology has  enabled her to combine these behavioural disciplines with her magical skills to create a compelling blend of  "mentalism". You will be confounded as she can seemingly predict your decisions and influence the outcome of your choices. Guests at any occasion will be amused and entertained by her clever and light-hearted approach to the mind game idiom.

Stage Magic: As a highly experienced stage magician she delights in working with groups large and small. Delivering an interactive and tailored performance she draws in the volunteers just as much as the audience beyond, perched in the darkness on the edge of their seats. It’s a playful, yet assertive show, where the intrigue and excitement just builds and builds.

She has worked her stage magic in shows all over the world, including India, Barcelona, Cannes, Singapore, to name but a few. And every show responds to the events that surround it.

Tailor Made Magic: She likes to craft performances that are attuned to the people, the place, the occasion. This tailored quality allows you to play collaborator, ultimately making for an even more unforgettable show.

Whether it’s close-up magic, the full stage show, an intimate gathering or a show for hundreds, she will listen, consider, and create something that truly dazzles.

What People Are Saying:

"She is an absolute delight, brilliant and very engaging. We were all spellbound by her performance and I can recommend her without any hesitation." — James Hepworth

"As distraction and entertainment she worked true magic. However closely observed, none of us could understand how but no one doubted what had happened. It was inclusive and a lot of fun; gave the dinner party focus and sparkle."
— Michael Hatchard - Partner at Skadden

"We loved having her at our 10th birthday press dinner. She seamlessly worked her away around the room, never interrupting but always engaging guests with her incredible tricks. Everyone commented how good she was at surprising and delighting!" — Harriet French - Soap and Glory

"She was a huge asset at a recent corporate reception - she offered the perfect combination of intrigue, wit and glamour as she mingled amongst the guests." — Susannah Parker - Private Drama

"She integrated with our team as if she was one of our own and proceeded to amaze potential clients with an array of magic which was hard to believe at such close distance. Many potential clients popped back for another trick or two which extended our opportunity to discuss services we could provide to new clients." — Paul Bannister - Chief Executive Officer at Blue Sky

"We loved having her at our Crowd Funding launch. She brilliantly engaged the crowd with magic and illusions that no one had ever seen before. Through her charming style, our guests were left in awe, asking ‘how? ’ and wanting more! Thank you for adding some fun and enchantment to our lives." — Mide Sanni - The House of Wings

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