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Home Artists Electro Swing

Electro Swing

Electro Swing has been around for some time and is now increasingly moving from the clubs and festivals into the mainstream.

Electro Swing combines the influences of vintage and more modern swing and jazz, mixed with house, hip hop and electronic dance music. When crafted skilfully, this genre of music creates a modern, dance-floor focused sound that is aimed at the modern ear but also retains the feeling, energy and excitement of the early swing recordings.

If you are looking for a fully-charged, irresistible sound that will pack the dance floor, this is the music you should be booking.


7 Piece Electro Swing Band Ref: ELS1926

7 Piece Electro Swing Band Ref: ELS1926 This Electro Swing dance band collides vintage 30’s and 40’s big band and Gypsy Swing with live-mixed electronics - a footstomping recipe of soaring, hot-swingin' licks, driving swing-scat vocals, and vintage harmonies that creates the fully-charged and i ...
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Female Electro Swing Singer Ref: ELS1222

Female Electro Swing Singer Ref: ELS1222 This exciting singer and performer is Influenced by jazz diva Ella Fitzgerald and songwriter Hoagy Carmichael, her voice is laced with retro tones and the ability to recreate the golden age of swing. She has an impressive and authoritative control of the ...
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Fusion Ensemble Ref: FE1510

Fusion Ensemble Ref: FE1510 This collective of top musicians only perform live, they never rehearse, they don’t have a set-list and they couldn’t ever do the same performance twice. It’s all about the moment – an experience or an event that exists between the band and the audience f ...
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7 Piece Electro Swing Band Ref ELS201003

7 Piece Electro Swing Band Ref ELS201003 This electro swing band is causing a scene amongst the UK’s hottest underground clubs, bars and festivals. Their ‘no holds barred, take no prisoners’ attitude has been relentlessly smothered over unsuspecting audiences all across Europe. Not afraid to go ...
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Electro Swing DJ Ref: ESDJ0419

Electro Swing DJ Ref: ESDJ0419 This DJ has been a staple of the Electro-Swing circuit for many years, holding down residencies in Exeter, Bristol, London and Bournemouth as well as taking his sound as far as Paris, Malta and Croatia. He has headlined swing tents at festivals far and wi ...
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6 - 10 Piece Electro Swing Band Ref: ELS0513

6 - 10 Piece Electro Swing Band Ref: ELS0513 This fantastic Electro Swing band performs at high end and international events. It is the latest collaboration between two of the UK's key figures on the Electro Swing scene, bringing together the swinging sounds of the golden age of jazz and the la ...
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