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Home Artists Cabaret Juggler and Comedian: Ref JC1021

Juggler and Comedian: Ref JC1021 Featured

Charming, funny, engaging, and frank, this performer's own unique fusion of juggling and stand up comedy will have you on the edge of your seats and rolling into the aisles. The winning combination won him the award for “British Young Juggler of the Year”, and has led to appearances on radio and television, as well as appearing all over the world to international acclaim.

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This outstanding juggler works with balls, rings and clubs as well as the manipulation of different objects such as cigar boxes, hats and diabolo - it's enough to make your head spin!

Routines for Stage

This performer has a number of routines available for stage and cabaret. These include a routine with balls, rings, clubs, and cigar boxes all tightly choreographed to music with a high skill level. Again, he is able to tailor these acts for street entertainment providing there is an available sound system (he can provide the music in a number of formats). The requirements for these routines are minimal, and each routine can be subtly altered to fit the venue.

No Ball Jokes?!

'No Ball Jokes?!' is a quick paced routine using lots of different sizes of balls. It involves the juggling of 3-7 balls and also demonstrates tricks with balls balanced, spun and juggled, at some points, all at the same time! The music used for this act is 6 minutes and 22 seconds long and is a fun and funky track that really makes you want to groove!

Hip Hop Clubs

'Hip Hop Clubs' is similar to the 'No Balls Jokes?!' routine in the way that it has a quick tempo, and is highly skilled and choreographed to a funky hip hop track (James Brown Remix - 3 minutes 37 seconds). It involves the juggling and manipulation of 1-5 clubs in a slick, stylish and funky style.

Tricks with Bricks

'Tricks with Bricks' is a slick routine using the manipulation of up to 7 cigar boxes. The balancing, throwing and tumbling of the boxes is tightly choreographed to a big band jazz piece that is 5 minutes and 9 seconds. Comical yet skilled, this routine is a great crowd pleaser.


'Glow Balls' is a spectacular routine involving the performance of various vivid and artistic patterns. These vibrant glow balls strobe, fade and flash in a variety of colours and effects that are a delight for any audience to watch. This routine is perfect for stage and is also more than suitable as walkabout or meet and greet for nightclubs etc.

Mixed Juggling

'Mixed Juggling' is a routine that uses balls, rings and clubs. The element that makes this routine different from most other juggling routines is that there is never one type of prop juggled at one time. Combinations include: 2 balls and 2 rings; 4 balls and a club; 2 balls, 2 rings and a club! This routine is set to a celtic track with a good beat (4 minutes 8 seconds).

Walkabout/Meet and Greet

Slick and Stylish

As a professional juggler, this performer has moulded himself into a specific character. This character is a smartly dressed, comical street entertainer. During the walkabout routine he moves around the audience/guests chatting to them whilst juggling and encouraging audience participation where appropriate and showing them close-up tricks and skills of juggling.

Glow Balls

The glow balls for walkabout is a very elegant and graceful character. This character is used more as a piece of art in motion for people to view as a spectacal as opposed to the above, that is more communicational and comedic.


"If you like juggling, then you'll love this guy!"  Derren Brown (Popular television mentalist, mind control master & trickster)

"To describe him as a comedy juggler is like labelling Brendan Cole as a bit of a dancer. His fusion of technical juggling and dry comedy asides to his audience provided one of the evening's many highlights. He would look great on television, but international cruise ship cabaret audiences are currently lapping him up by all accounts." The Stage

"He is sharp, quick witted and totally unique. I guarentee you won't see another act like him on the circuit." Bristol Underground Comedy

"He did a 45min set for us for our wedding in February 2017 and he was AMAZING!!!! Had our guests in fits of laughter and really was fantastic if you are looking for something to lift the energy after a wedding meal, but not do the predictable magician or live band. He was really interactive and that really made the audience feel part of it - and that's all ages, from kids to grannies! After his piece everyone was talking about him, and I think even the venue staff and photographer paused to watch him because they were mesmerised by his skills!! Truly was money well spent and we'd highly recommend him. Thanks for a fantastic performance!" Katy & Russ

Video Sample:

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